The 5 Star Review: Capturing Customer Happiness


When looking to purchase a service or product, people often skip right through the company explanation of it. Your website may have an aesthetic and well thought out “highlighted testimonial” section, but the truth is, many prospective customers will skim right over it. The digital age of consumers has seen every trope of marketing and advertising, hearing or reading a company sponsored review is more likely to turn them off of the product than to engage them. Countless consumers value the opinions and input of their fellow community members far over that of CEO’s or industry experts. Before purchasing a product or service, 70-80% of people will conduct their own independent research; of which 90% is done using the Google search engine platform. This is where reading Google Reviews comes into play with a crucial make or break style of business.

Capturing quantity and quality of easily accessible reviews is essential to bring in new business and to have a constant stream of organic growth from online consumers. The “Point of Maximum Happiness” is the feeling and experience companies are hoping is captured in their Google Reviews. The 5- Star review on Google is quickly and rightfully so, becoming one of the most coveted tools of success for any business. Obtaining and maintaining this 5- Star rating is essential as many prospective customers will not even consider visiting a business or purchasing a product unless the rating is in that favorable territory. This goes for companies operating with physical locations (Restaurants, Home Maintenance, Gyms) as well as purely digital platforms (Online Retail, Tech Services, etc.).

Having negative reviews plaguing your company’s Google Review section can and will result in devastating losses to potential customers, as 80% of buyers will alter their purchasing plans based off of the negative evaluation of their fellow consumer.

The good news is, that there is a way to navigate around this dilemma, and that is not by inserting phony or fake reviews, but to increase your outreach and customer interaction. Using a platform that capitalizes on the psychological science of Social Proof. Crowd mentality often lends itself to lean in one direction… the one with the most consistent and abundant viewpoint. If your product or service is genuine and quality, you will have no problem asking for a positive review, and the more of them there are, then the more growth your business will experience. People tend to be trend followers rather than trend setters, which is why developing a base of reviews and experiences will lend to more wanting to invest in a popular product.

The issue is getting those happy customers to leave a review. Many people will have a good experience and be content with it, and not feel the need to speak about your product because they will assume someone else already has. It is not out of selfish tendency to keep a good product to themselves, but on a larger scale of not feeling the pressure that what they have to say matters. Which is why it is important as a business to ensure every customer that their opinion and voice has value and is needed.

The solution to this is to make the process as seamless and quick for the customer as possible, which is where Send It By Text comes in for the rescue. This allows a company representative to contact a recent customer, sending them a text with a link directing them to Google Reviews. This process takes out all of the footwork for the client and provides an easy and efficient way to capture a multitude of reviews from happy customers that more than likely forgot or did not even think of reviewing your company.

Directly contacting the customer, even in this short and efficient way, lets them know that they are valued and gives their opinion a sense of importance in the idea that they are now responsible to contributing to the success of your company. They can now rely their experience and put into writing how they feel at their ‘Point of Maximum Happiness’. Targeting every customer gives them a direct role that will then build into the online rating of your company to skyrocket as the positive comments eventually will drown out the few negative unprompted ones.

Send It By Text proves innovative as an optimal point of contact in terms of business in how it turns away from the mass amount of data coming in through people’s email inboxes and voicemails. Emails often now serve as an endless void of advertisements, much of which go directly to spam, never being seen by the customer. Voicemails can fill up and become inconvenient, whereas text messages are instant, and always instantly received, displayed, and read on the phone.

Give your company the boost it needs, Social Proof has been proven time and time again to give results as expected in the sense that the individual responds to the crowd. Send It By Text will boost your Google Review ratings in a genuine way and ensure your customers can express their Maximum Happiness!

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